evopro systems engineering Ltd. represents exclusively on the Hungarian market SYSCOM Instruments SA, who is the leading European developer and manufacturer of vibration and strong motion monitoring systems products

This partnership covers:

  • delivering SYSCOM products
  • engineering
  • long term support and maintenance.

SYSCOM is a subsidiary of BARTEC group, a multinational manufacturer of industrial safety equipment. The headquarter of the company founded in 1974 is in Switzerland.

SYSCOM has three main business segments, Safety, Civil Engineering and Strong Motion:

  • Safety is based on highly certified products such as MARMOT offering and its MR2002 motion recorder. Typical targeted industries are Nuclear Power Plants and Liquefied Natural Gas tanks.
  • Civil Engineering is covered by MR3000 product line with highly portable, connectable and autonomous devices. Typical targets are construction sites monitoring with MR3000C, Traffic & Railways monitoring with MR3000TR and Blasting monitoring with MR3000BLA motion recorders.
  • Strong motion is also covered by MR3000 product line, with all-in-one rugged instrumentation. Typical targets are Structures & Buildings monitoring with MR3000SB.

SYSCOM offering is completed with dedicated software for data processing. MR3000 and ROCK product lines is now fully compatible with Syscom Cloud Software (SCS), bringing ease of connectivity, automatic reporting and management of vibration monitoring projects to the next level.

Product lines

  • MARMOT Strong motion monitoring system

  • MR3000C, MR3000TR, MR3000SB, MR3000BLA, MR3000DMS vibration monitors/recorders

  • ROCK autonomous, rentable vibration monitoring and recording equipment and services

  • SCS Syscom Cloud Software for vibration data recording and measurement management


  • Feasibility studies for vibration and seismic monitoring
  • Seismic monitoring applications basic and detailed design
  • engineering support for vibration monitoring
  • delivery of vibration monitoring equipment
  • delivery of seismic monitoring systems
  • installation of sensors and recorders
  • temporary vibration measurements
  • recording vibration monitoring protocols
  • evaluation and processing recorded vibration data


  • evopro systems engineering Ltd
  • 1116 Budapest, Hauszmann Alajos u. 2
  • Phone: +36 1 279 3970
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Focus fields
  • vibration sensitive research
  • vibration sensitive manufacturing
  • quality assurance
  • construction sites
  • art relic reconstruction
  • structures and buildings
  • traffic incl. railways
  • blasting
  • bridges and dams
Key industries
  • construction
  • chemical
  • pharmaneutrical
  • research centers
  • critical infrastructures
  • data centres
  • municipalities
  • nuclear plants
  • gas and oil
  • mining