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eRDM - Dynamic Railway Diagnostic System

eRDM is a dynamic diagnostic system built into the rail tracks that measures the dynamic load of trains (wheels, axles, bogies) passing over it. The system can detect overloaded and asymmetrically loaded wagons and can also detect various defects in wheels.

Application fields

  • railroad freight pricing based on actual load
  • track damage prevention
  • track and vehicle maintenance planning
  • safety: detection of overload and imbalance
  • detection of wheel and vehicle damage
  • traffic management


Advantages of eRDM

  • fast, cost-effective installation that requires no concrete support structures
  • strain-gauge sensors welded onto the tracks
  • no speed limit at the measuring section
  • high-resolution digital signal processing 



Alarm functions:

  • overload
  • asymmetric load

Measured parameters:

  • train speed
  • wheel load, axle load, wagon load
  • load asymmetry: front-rear, left-right
  • wheel defects: flatness, oval wheels
  • recording speed: 5-160 km/h
  • wagon weighing accuracy: 2%



System components

  • 2 axle counters
  • 16 digital load measurement modules
  • high-speed industrial network
  • data acquisition and repeater module
  • central database
  • controlling and monitoring computers



Detailed Product Description