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eRTM: Wireless Rail Temperature Measurement Network

eRTM is a wireless sensor system to measure track temperature and temperature distribution. When pre-set limits are exceeded the system sends alarms to security points and mobile devices. The system increases traffic safety and because it increases energy efficiency, it also lowers operational costs.


Functions and application fields

  • measurement of temperature distribution along the tracks
  • rail temperature alarm signals
  • switch heater control
  • prediction and detection of track buckling
  • support for track maintenance
  • support for setting speed restrictions due to temperature stresses
  • measurement of micro climates of special track segments


Main parameters

  • thermistor-based measurement of inner rail temperature
  • maximum of 256 measuring points
  • temperature resolution: ± 0.5°C
  • measurement frequency: selectable, min. 10 min.
  • repeater-sensor distance: max. 100 m
  • repeater-repeater distance: max. 1000 m
  • battery life: 3 years
  • radio communication: 868 MHz ISM
  • temperature measurement range: -50ºC - +65ºC
  • integration of monitoring system into railway operator’s IT system 


Detailed Product Description