Innovative solutions to technological challenges of the future society.

Professional skills

  • The quality is highly important for evopro in the services provided by the company as well as in the contacts with clients and suppliers.
  • We work straight, organized, according to the time-schedule and efficiently.
  • We always match the demand of the clients with the maximal utilization of our capacity and with outstanding performance.

Ethical attitude

  • The evopro develops its business contacts and organization in the spirit of trustworthiness and stands for contacts which are profitable for both parties.
  • We work environmentally sound, in accordance with the environment.

Positive human relations

  • We take care of our extern and intern positive human contacts with respect, honour and trustworthiness. We encourage the overt and straight communication.
  • We make sociable atmosphere at the workplace, we retain the equilibrium between work and private life.

Continuous development

  • To maintain our capability to competitiveness, we comply flexibly with our environment and develop ourselves, our processes and our equipments continuously.