The Dynamic Railway Diagnostic system is a highly integrated wayside digital sensor network, with high resolution recording of the dynamic load response of each wheel of the passing train.

Detection, trend-monitoring and alarm of

  • improper loading of axles, bogies- and railcars (overloading and all kinds of asymmetrical-loadings)
  • axle rupture
  • bogie suspension defect
  • wheel geometry defects (oval, eccentric, flat or polygonal wheels)


  • increased safety
    • detection and alarm on derailment-hazardous (dangerous) dynamic load conditions of the passing trains
  • operating cost reduction
    • detection, trend-monitoring and alarm on railcar-, and infrastructure-damaging conditions of the passing train that results in:
      • the preservation and lifetime extension of both the infrastructure and the rolling stocks by reduced and controlled wear and tear
      • decreased maintenance costs by predictive maintenance based on the provided trend-data
  • environmental protection
    • controlled noise-, and vibration-emission using defective wheel detection and trend-monitoring

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