Evopro Innovation Ltd. has extensive experience in designing IoT components and M2M systems.

Services offered for IoT and M2M solutions
  • complete system design for unique problems
  • hardware and software development
  • installation and testing
  • system operation
Key competencies in IoT and M2M
  • wireless sensor networks
  • signal processing and data analytics
  • pervasive (ubiquitous) computing
  • energy efficient solutions
  • cyber security and tamper-proof design

IoT components:

  • sensor level

    • analog and digital circuit design
    • signal processing and real-time software development
    • ad-hoc wireless and custom wired communication networks
    • distributed processing
    • data encryption
  • gateway level, Data concentrator, Middle layer

    • digital hardware and system development
    • multi protocol network software development
    • data processing
    • real-time operating systems
  • server/cloud level

    • high availability backend server development
    • database system modeling and design
    • data analytics: data filtering, clustering and virtual screening, pattern matching, similarity search algorithms
    • alarm and signal dispatch to operation stations
  • user interface

    • web technologies
    • software development for mobile software platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows8
  • dependable Wireless Networking

    • security and privacy issues in wireless networks
    • access control schemes to sensor collected data
    • secure routing, secure clustering
    • resilient data aggregation
    • secure transport protocols for sensor networks
    • techniques to protect network coding based distributed data storage
    • secure communication protocol for sensors of limited resources
    • network bootstrapping with neighbor discovery
    • confidentiality, integrity and authentication

M2M communication

  • wireless sensor module: 16 MIPS RISC processor, Radio: IEEE802.15.4, 868 MHz
  • USB - GPRS modem: Quad-band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, USB power supply
  • M-BUS interface CDMA modem
    • freescale iMX 233 processor, ARM 926 @ 454 MHz
    • embedded Linux operating system
    • hardware configurable MEP communication RS232, RS485 or M-BUS
    • CDMA2000 network on 450 MHz
  • isolated USB-RS485 field sensor interface
  • isolated CAN – SPI interface
  • power supply with Energy Harvesting