Evopro Innovation Ltd. has extensive experience in the following areas of instrumentation and data acquisition: precision measurement technology, digital signal processing and data analysis, embedded communication and cybersecurity.

  • analysis, concept and system design for unique problems
  • hardware and software development
  • installation and testing
  • system operation
Key competencies
  • measurement technology experts
  • signal processing and analysis
  • analog and digital circuit design
  • high precision front-end design
  • digital system design
  • high-speed-real-time and wireless ad-hoc communication
  • heterogeneous computing in micro servers

Hardware design

  • analog hardware simulation: PSpice, Matlab, LTSpice
  • digital circuit design: RISC CPU, FPGA, DSP, ETH10/100, RS-485, IEEE802.15.4
  • hardware description languages: VHDL, Verilog, Mitrion-C
  • PCB design: Altium, Cadence
  • PCBs with up to 8 layer
  • flex-rigid technology
  • typical density: 325 components,100 nets in an (3” x 1.25” x 1.25”) area
  • top component: chip scale BGA of 0.5 mm pitch

Software design

  • embedded software development: C, C++ *core: ARM, AVR, PIC, TI
  • heterogeneous computing
    • FPGA: VHDL, Verilog
    • DSP: Analog Devices, TI
    • Multicore: OpenMP, C++11, FastFlow
  • RTOS micrium, ucOS-II, eCOS, Linux RTAI, VxWorks
  • NI LabView
  • hardware in the loop simulation and test
  • languages: C, C++, Java, C#, Ada, Pascal, PhP, Perl, Python, Modula
  • assembly programming: ARM, AVR, PIC, PPC, MSP430, x86, 8051, MicroBlaze
  • Ddatabases: MS-SQL, MySQL, Postgre SQL
  • modeling: SysML, UML, MATLAB, Simulink, Maple
  • signal processing: Analog Devices, Texas Instruments
  • RTOS: ucOS-II, eCOS, Linux RTAI

Main references

  • dynamic railroad weighing system
  • railroad temperature gauge system with wireless communication
  • high-speed data acquisition and monitoring
  • vibration and acoustic condition monitoring
  • medical image processing
  • acousto-optical measurement instrument
  • wireless EEG module for physiological experiments
  • 8-channel ultrasound module for physiological experiments