An evaluation committee of experts invited by the board of trustees of the Hungarian Association for Innovation awarded the 24th Innovation Grand Prize to the dynamic railway load measurement and diagnostic system designed by the engineers of evopro.

evopro has developed an innovation with exceptional quality that proved to be extremely useful. The system became a fully exportable product which makes rail freight transport not only faster, but also more efficient and safer.

József Pálinkás, President of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office  highlighted that the winners of the Grand Prize created products that make Hungary more competitive and allow the country to claim its place in the modern world.

The eRDM system is the result of a nation-wide world-class development that allows transport management and maintenance planning, plus it also significantly increased revenue and provided additional profit to the companies involved in its development and manufacturing.

The Grand Prize was accepted by Csaba Mészáros, president and owner of the evopro group, Balázs Bodnár, CEO of evopro Holding Ltd., and by Dr. Zsolt Szepessy, managing director of evopro Innovation Ltd. from László Kövér, Speaker of the House during the award ceremony held in the Parliament building on March 31.