The Local Government of Újbuda Responsible Enterprise awarded evopro systems engineering Kft.

The following were spoken at the event: "The aim of the group is to maintain health, promote health and educate for a healthy lifestyle through sports. In addition to working efficiently, it is very important to deal with our body and our health, because: "A healthy body is a healthy soul!" One of the internal CSR activities of the company group towards colleagues is to support a sports association that can play sports under very favorable conditions, which is one of the pillars of maintaining health! All you have to do is pay a symbolic annual membership fee, which is necessary for the urge to come from somewhat from the inside) - this is the only way the system can be effective. In addition to our colleagues, we are happy to see family members, relatives, and outsiders who want to join a sports community! "

The award has now been awarded for the fifth time in an XI. among district companies that actively and actively act for society, the environment, workers, feel responsible for the next generation in both their wider and narrower environment.

The recognition was presented on District Day.

Evopro has won the title of Responsible Enterprise Újbuda