Why did you choose the engineering profession?

Neither in high school, nor in university would I have described myself as having a firm, unshakable and precise idea about what work I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I was always curious, there was always that “let’s try this out, too” feeling. An engineer – especially a mechatronics engineer – faces numerous new challenges, new problems, and unforeseen obstacles from time to time. On top of it, back then this was a very new field, not just in Hungary, but around the world (and especially in education). These were the two decisive, motivating forces that made me choose this profession which at that time was still on rather shaky grounds.

How did you become a member of evopro?

Like many of my peers, in my senior years at the university I was also looking for an internship that would provide me with industry experience and also allow me to complete my thesis. I was determined to try out an area, to find a company where I can have the widest possible view of the work that goes on in the industry to make it easier for me to decide exactly which direction I want to go in later. I found evopro to be a good partner in this, because the company is present in several industries and has competencies in numerous areas. Now, after having worked here for a few years, I can say with confidence that employees have opportunities – within rational limits – to try themselves out in more than one area, too. It is important to mention that – despite it being a cliché – here you really do become part of a young team where they support creativity.

On what projects do you work here?

After graduation I stayed with evopro. Soon after signing my employment contract I was working on the installation of an engine factory and assembly line in England as a commissioning engineer. After that I was working on a model upgrade of a chassis assembly line at a premiere German car manufacturer for nearly two years, mostly as a robot programmer. During these periods I learned a lot about industrial standards, solutions, technologies and I gained a lot of insights and connections. Currently I work on multiple projects simultaneously. From time to time I return to my former post at Daimler’s factory in Sindelfingen as a robot programmer to strengthen our team there. My other big task is creating software for custom automated assembly lines, from the control architecture through PLC programming all the way to final installation.

What are your plans for the future?

I’m proud of the fact that, with the support of my family, I have only my own hard work and efforts to thank for most everything not only in my work, but in almost all areas of my life. I’ve been in deep water several times during my life and I think I stood my ground everywhere. It’s a great feeling to go to work with the thought that your colleagues and managers all count on you, that you are a link in a valuable team. In the future I would like to gain experience in different fields, too, in which evopro is a great partner - and I’m already working in my third field. My long-term goal is to get to know the industry in the widest possible spectrum so I can take on even the most complex tasks with confidence and with solid knowledge.

From intern to engineer: interview with Tamás Jávor