A consortium led by evopro Innovation Ltd. started to develop prototype vehicle information security tools for an EU tender based on primary and secondary research results.

The results of the research and development carried out during the project aim at solving a real and relevant technical problem: protecting vehicle information systems from security breaches. The outcome of the R&D will be a security system that can also be utilized in pieces, and will help mitigate the security risks threatening the operational and information communication networks of vehicles: it will attempt to prevent security incidents and – if possible – block them, and it will allow exposing incidents that already took place so they can be analyzed and prevented in the future.

Over the last decades the rapid development of IT systems has enabled the emergence of intelligent transport systems (ITS). Such systems opened up new perspectives in passenger and freight transport logistics as the interconnection of the vehicles makes the organization of operations and transport more efficient. However, the networking of vehicles managed in whole or in part by ITS technologies also carries threats and vulnerabilities. Research shows that modern vehicles are not immune to IT-based cyberattacks. These attacks can be remote, which don’t require direct physical access, or local, which do require direct physical access. They can attack infotainment, telematics or even operationally critical systems of vehicles, too.

At the conclusion of the project we’ll offer hardware and software solutions that can be used in state-of-the-art automotive applications to help detect and prevent attacks, thus significantly increasing the security of ITS systems. A further goal of the project is to develop a cyber-security gateway (eITG) which will guarantee the safety of the vehicle-side connection of integrated traffic management systems.

Evopro Developing Automotive Information Security Tools